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Catherine Brown

Education Consultant


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I am a dedicated and passionate individual based in Nottinghamshire (East Midlands) with exceptional skills and abilities. With over 14 years of experience, I have a proven track record of inspiring and motivating others, and I can manage projects from start to finish. My reliability, punctuality, and excellent communication skills enable me to achieve goals and maximise potential.

With a master's degree in special education needs and disability and level 7 qualifications in CPT3A, SEMH, and NASENCo. I have a strong background in equality, diversity, inclusion, quality improvement plans, SEND, management, education, alternative curriculums, OFSTED, compliance and policies. My commitment to professional development and continuous improvement ensures I constantly adapt to the latest trends and best practices. My passion for enhancing outcomes, developing a love of education, and collaborating with stakeholders has driven me to lead an independent special school for students aged 8-16 for over seven years. I have an enhanced DBS.


2020-Present - Education Consultant

I have been privileged to support management, independent schools, and alternative provisions in various structural matters. Through my work, I have provided valuable advice on teaching and learning, promoted inclusion and support for special needs, assisted school leaders, and provided career guidance. I have also had the opportunity to offer technical and online education support, manage marketing and publicity, address personnel issues, and provide teacher training and development opportunities. It has been an honour to contribute to these institutions' success and help shape the future of education.


2016 -2024 - Headteacher and Business Manager

I have had the privilege of successfully managing the independent special school (students aged 8-16) with five different sites and leading a team to develop and support the school's strategic direction, vision, values, and priorities. I have been responsible for implementing policies, practices, and procedures that have positively impacted the school's structure. I have good knowledge of the independent school standards plus the OFSTED framework. My experience in ICT has enabled me to take the lead in managing the ICT systems, including networking, setting up new devices, and working with various administration systems - including MIS, Microsoft, and communication systems. I am proud to have contributed to the growth and success of the school. 


2016 - Case Manager

I efficiently handled new referrals, timetables, and core group meetings, meticulously collated information from tutors and swiftly shared it with referrers. As a skilled case manager, I have improved my time management, problem-solving, and communication abilities.


2014 – 2016  - Tutor

I tailored sessions for students aged 8-16 from diverse backgrounds, ensuring they receive high-quality education and reach their potential.


2011-2014 - Nottinghamshire County Council – Teacher

I have experience teaching Foundation 2, Mixed Year ½, Year 1, and Year 3 classes. I have worked with students of varying abilities and talents, including some who displayed challenging behaviours. However, all of my students have met national standards. Additionally, I have coordinated PE and Outside Learning activities and organized various school and local sports events.

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