Supporting Schools


Alternative Provision / Registering with OFSTED

After working for ten years in an alternative provision / independent school and successfully registering it as an independent school, I have gained extensive experience managing various material changes and hosting OFSTED visits. If you require any assistance in SEND / alternative provision / independent schools / quality assurance or team management, please do not hesitate to contact me.

From £400 per day

SEND Audit or Review

A SEND audit or review can help identify strengths and areas for improvement in your school, including processes, data, paperwork, identification of need, and collaborative working. I offer competitive-priced SEND audits and reviews for individual schools and MATs.

From £300 per day

Preparation for OFSTED

As educators, we strive to improve our schools without solely focusing on OFSTED outcomes. However, an upcoming inspection can be stressful. I can help by looking at your SEND, leadership and management, and the quality of education. I aim to alleviate your OFSTED preparation stress.

From £400 per day

School Improvement Officer and Critical Friend

Do you need help identifying areas for school improvement? I can help you create clear targets for your School Improvement Plan, monitor the performance, and agree on challenging and meaningful targets for improved outcomes by supporting the development and implementation of robust self-evaluation and improvement plans/strategies.

I'm here to listen and provide a non-judgmental conversation. Contact me for assistance, and I'll send you a written report after our meeting.

From £400 per day


I can provide team training linked to SEND, wellbeing, team management, or quality assurance. 

From £300 per session

SENCO / Access Arrangements

EHCP assessment requests, referrals, annual reviews, PEPs, IEPs, and SEND guidance and support.

Can complete Access Arrangements for exams. 

Registered with The British Psychology Society (Member Number 456132).

From £300 per day


SEND Provision

Need help with SEND provision or learner profiling/ bespoke services? Contact me to discuss your school's initial ideas.

From £300 per day